Message – Thomas H. Ahrens – CEO of COMPO EXPERT GROUP



Dear all,

The COVID-19 crisis is very challenging for all of us, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. Business as-usual is not an option.

I am extremely impressed to see how everybody at COMPO EXPERT worldwide is dealing with this situation. To me this is nothing but exceptional. I am extremely proud on all of you.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, customer and partners. We have implemented a lot of measures in this regards. Many of you are currently working in your home office, the shifts in our plants rarely meet each other, work-related matters are solved by telephone or video conferences and personal meetings must be avoided in all areas of professional and private life. Respect and appreciation currently have to be shown through keeping distance.

It is noticeable how much you are all connected, supporting each other and how the COMPO EXPERT family is growing even closer despite the difficult circumstances.

Let’s keep our own work area up and running with flexibility and creativity. This is also important because COMPO EXPERT is belonging to the system-relevant infrastructure that secures the food supply for the population.

Stay healthy, all of you. Thank you for your commitment to COMPO EXPERT.