Haza Del Fresno – The view of COMPO EXPERT on this long lasting relationship

In COMPO EXPERT we share many adjectives with “Haza del Fresno” ( That’s probably why we are charmed by their history. Their long experience and tradition as a company becomes apparent in the way they treat their product. Similarly to COMPO EPXERT, they are very committed to the environment. And that’s why they trust our TerraPlus® Natura range of products (…), the flagship of our ecological gamut of products. They are demanding because they know that in order to achieve excellence, there is no other way. They opt for a familiar and simple approach without overlooking the quality of their product. The fact they trust us as their supplier and that we can be part of their history makes us extremely proud!

Haza Del Fresno & COMPO EXPERT-a relationship that matters.The case of TerraPlus® Natura

For us in Haza del Fresno, quality comes first. And that’s why we choose lifetime partners. As a pioneer and leader in the agricultural market, COMPO EXPERT offers a wide range of products that allow us to maintain a complete and eco-friendly production. In our olive groves we use the TerraPlus® Natura series (…), a dry and granular fertilizer that makes the spreading easier. Thanks to its high content in organic matter and its low carbon-nitrogen ration it has a fast and potent effect in the field. In addition, it is free of heavy metals. I would like to address that using COMPO EXPERT gives us a peace of mind, simply knowing that our efforts will be compensated. That’s why COMPO EXPERT’s quality combined with our hard work and tradition guarantees the superior quality of HAZA DEL FRESNO’s olive oil.

Haza Del Fresno premium olive oil

“Haza del Fresno” extra virgin olive oil with a history traced back 70 years is a special oil made with maximum care for the consumer. More than 50 hectares with more than 400 years of history, the olive groves are located at the foot of the natural park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and de las Villas, in the province of Jaén in Spain. This natural reserve allows the production of a high quality EVOO, rich in oleocanthal, polyphenols and antioxidants, considered as a SUPER FOOD that concentrates all the necessary benefits to increase your energy and protect you against oxidative stress in your daily life. In our series of “success stories in AgriFood”, we are happy to present the story of the brand HAZA DEL FRESNO. —– In Haza del Fresno ( it’s our belief that we are what we eat That’s why we believe that the key to the whole process is careful and delicate approach starting from the harvesting. Putting this into practice, we harvest our olives using a semi-manual process thus avoiding harming the product. We own the “Vert I Blau” restaurant in the area of Perellonet, Valencia. And that’s where we set off as distributors and vendors. Being a part of the hospitality industry we want to transmit to our customers the LOVE for what we do. And that’s why we use our olive oil in every dish, mixing the essence of Jaen with the cuisine of Valencia. A perfect combination with a special value for us.