SUCCESS STORIES – Petrina Olive Oil Cooperative


In a recent road trip to Greece, Mr. Thomas H. Ahrens, and Mr. Panos Chamakiotis, CEO and RD EMEA accordingly asked the People of COMPO EXPERT Hellas to organize a trip to Peloponnese in order to experience firsthand the great work of K2MC people in the field.
During the visit, they had the opportunity to talk with the Olive Oil growers about their problems during the crop season, the difficulties, as well the challenges and their success in the market.
Below you can find a short introduction of the Petrina Agricultural Cooperative Αγροτικός Συνεταιρισμός Πετρίνας
The first Cooperative in Greece goes back to 1907. It was in 1915 that came to fruition the establishment of the Petrina Olive Oil Agricultural Cooperative in Petrina village, Peloponnese, Greece.
The headquarters of the Cooperative is the village of Petrina in the Municipality of Eastern Mani. At an altitude of 220 meters on the eastern slopes of Taygetos, 35 kilometers south of Sparta, and within walking distance of the port of Gythio.
Today, the Petrina Agricultural Cooperative has 438 member producers. In addition to its members, it serves in its facilities and producers in the wider area, providing them with a range of services at all stages of the olive growing and production process.
More specifically, the range of activities of the Cooperative have as following:
Olive fruit collection
Crushing grinding of olive fruit
Storage – marketing of olive oil
Olive oil trade
Standardization of olive oil
Agricultural support and guidance of producers by trained staff
The Cooperative is Certified according to AGRO 2.1 & 2,2 and ISO 22000.