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Tyrnavos (Greek: Τύρναβος) is a municipality in the Larissa regional unit, of the Thessaly region of Greece. It is the second-largest town of the Larissa regional unit, after Larissa. The town is near the mountains and the Thessalian Plain. The river Titarisios, a tributary of the Pineios, flows through the town.

Tyrnavos is bypassed by the GR-3 (Larissa – Kozani – Niki) and has an old road connecting the town to Elassona. It will be linked with a superhighway numbered 3 (A3) with an unscheduled opening date.

Tyrnavos is located south-southwest of Thessaloniki and Katerini, northwest of Larissa, east-northeast of Trikala and south-southeast of Elassona and Kozani.

The municipality is made up of mountains covering the northern portion as well as grasslands. Farmlands dominate the southern portion in which is part of the Thessalian Plain and the Titarisios valley. Tyrnavos is a major wine producing center.

The municipality Tyrnavos has an area of 525.323 km2, the municipal unit Tyrnavos has an area of 370.564 km2, and the community Tyrnavos has an area of 79.109 km2

Tyrnavos area is historically known for the production of tsipouro (distillate from wine grapes).

Muscat de Tyrnavos (Black Moscat) is the main grape variety. In a particular analogy with other grape varieties is distilled in stills where it separated the heart of the distillate trying to reveal the best characteristic of this variety.

Source: Wikipedia