Cadaval is a municipality in Oeste region and Lisbon District of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 14,228 in an area of 174.89 km². A picturesque town surrounded by vineyards and orchards, Cadaval is a region where agriculture, especially the extensive vineyards and orchards, continues to dominate the economy.

In the environs, on the Serra de Montejunto (the highest point in the area), one can visit the 13th century Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves, and the ruins of the Royal Ice Factory, where in the 18th century the ice was collected in deep valleys, stored in tanks, and then taken to Lisbon to supply the Court and the cafés.

Of the main events in this predominantly wine-growing region, the highlight is of course the grape harvest festival in September, which exhibits, besides the exhibitions and re-creation of all the ethnography relating to the grape harvests, examples of the local cuisine.