Moschofilero is an aromatic pink-skinned grape variety grown in Peloponnese. Best expressions of Moschofilero come from the high altitude vineyards of Mantineia in the region of Arcadia.

Moschofilero grapes give white wines with a characteristic light – almost grey – color as well as rose wines. Typical expressions of the variety give wines that are fresh and light-bodied, with low alcohol but high acidity.

Wines from Moschofilero are almost always delicately aromatic, reminding lemony aromas, blossoms and an unmistakable aroma of rose. Preserving their delicate and unique aromatic character, wines from Moschofilero are almost always un-oaked. They are usually varietal, although Moschofilero is also blended with other local grape varieties to add its aromatic character. It is also used for the production of sparkling wine.

Its light body and high acidity pair perfectly with salads, cold starters, pasta, as well as light lemony dishes with fish or white meat and light white sauces.

Source :  i love greek wine

Photo source : Troupis winery